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Become A Certified Life Coach With Our Coaching Certification In New York

Create a solid foundation of life principles and laws with the help of our coaching certification in New York. Develop new knowledge of quantum energy with our different life coaching certifications.

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Life Coaching Certification- Creating A Bridge Between Your Passion & Career

Do you want to explore how to reconnect with your soul and guide others? Want to make a career as a certified spiritual and wellness coach? If you answer yes, you should explore our life coach certifications designed to prepare you for solving life challenges. Tree Of Life offers the best coaching certification in New York, including Atomic integrative coaching certification, Lightworker certification, etc.


Suppose you seek the best spiritual coaching certification in New York that teaches you the foundational framework of quantum healing and opens up the personal energy field. In that case, you should enroll yourself in our coaching certification program. You can virtually take our different life coaching certifications in New York and nearby areas.


Each coach certification session is organized via our Blue Ray intuitive virtual learning and can be taken 1:1 or in groups. These programs are hosted by certified life coaches like Grace Edibo, Yogesh Kapoor, and Christina Will Spears, who have years of experience in this industry.

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Life Coaching Certification- Creating
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Reasons To Opt For Our Life Coaching Certifications In New York

Our life coaching certification is perfect for you if you want to learn the  Laws of Attraction and use this for healing and growth. Whether your goal is to make a promising career as a certified life coach or learn ways to get rid of the fear of judgment by deeply connecting with your soul, a spiritual coaching program can help you attain much more than this. 


In today’s fast-paced world, everyone struggles with a hectic lifestyle and wants to eliminate daily stress. However, attaining a blissful or reconnecting with your inner self requires the assistance of a life coach. With our spiritual coaching certifications, you can make a difference in society and learn transformational healing and vibrational quantum principles.


Tree Of Life brings integrative life coaching certifications via its Blue Ray intuitive virtual learning, which renowned three life coaches will conduct. We offer various spiritual coaching certifications in New York and nearby areas. 

Intuitive Coaching Certification Sessions
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Personalized & Group Blue Ray Intuitive Coaching Certification Sessions

Do you want to pursue a life coaching certification in New York but don’t have time to attend offline sessions? Tree Of Life has a solution for you by which you can complete your coaching certification with our full-time job or study. All our spiritual and wellness coaching certification sessions are provided via Blue Ray intuitive virtual learning and can be arranged 1:1 and in groups.

Solid foundations to support yourself and others

Develop new knowledge of energy

Understand your deeper aspects at an atomic level

Reconnect with your inner self

Speak with Confidence

Open yourself to new thought patterns

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Our life coaching certification program aims to help individuals get the clarity of their life goals by making them aware of the required principles and transformative healing principles. Throughout the life coaching certification session, our coaches teach you the required laws of truth. So, get ready to dive deep into the atomic integrative and ascension spiritual concepts in detail from certified life coaches.

Register today to get the best spiritual coaching certification in New York and nearby areas.

Tree Of Life’s Different Life Coaching Certifications In Near You

You can select the life coaching certification per your unique needs from our different programs. Tree Of Life offers various coaching certifications, including atomic integrative, ascension coaching, and lightworker coaching certification.

When you enroll in our spiritual coaching certification near you, you will get coaching from certified life coach and lightworker practitioner Christina Will Spears. Here are the details of our different coaching certifications in New York or any other cities:

Atomic Integrative Coaching Certification

Our 8-week interactive coaching certification program is conducted virtually online and can be arranged 1:1 and in groups. The hosts of our life coaching certification program in New York are Grace Edibo, Yogesh Kapoor, and Christina Will Spears. You will learn powerful speaking methods, create new habits, and more.

Lightworker Coaching Certification

Christina Will Spears, a certified lightworker practitioner, hosts lightworker coaching certification. You can enroll in this life coaching certification in New York or nearby areas once a year. In this coaching, you will learn the concepts of multiple light activations to open your personal energy fields.

Ascension Coaching Certification

Our ascension coaching certification helps you master the fundamentals of releasing fear, pain, and judgment that no longer serves your highest good. It is a unique program that prepares you for the future ascension coach role by teaching you the healing practices. You can enroll in this program once a year.


Enroll In Interactive Virtual Coaching Certifications At Tree Of Life

Ready to learn the basic to advanced spiritual wellness coaching principles from certified life coaches? Count on Tree Of Life for getting the best life coaching certification in New York and nearby areas. We have different life coaching certification programs that fulfill the unique needs of an individual career. Whether you are a working professional, student, or homemaker, you can easily enroll in our life coaching certifications and learn at your own pace. 


All our coaching sessions are conducted via Blue Ray intuitive virtual learning and can be scheduled 1:1 and in groups. In addition, you can interact weekly with our coaches and clear your confusion. Don’t miss our insightful coaching certification program that will help you learn ways to heal and align your soul.


Virtual 1:1 and group sessions

Free access to a private Facebook group

Conducted by certified life coaches

Different coaching certification

Weekly interaction with coaches

Get complete control over your thoughts and feelings by learning the fundamentals of spiritual wellness.