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How To Remove Fear From Mind and Heart Completely?

Having a fear of something is too common in life. The social stigma causes people to hide their thoughts based on fear, which is the wrong approach to dealing with it. Avoidance will never help; with increased intensity of fear, humans will eventually experience anxiety and panic attacks. It can turn into the problem of holding back from achieving milestones in life by affecting physical and mental health.

Cambridge Dictionary defines fear as ‘an unpleasant emotion or thought you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful, or bad that is happening or might happen.’ 

Emotions are uncontrollable, however, we can control the effects of fear by following guidelines. Let’s find these valuable ways in the blog ahead to take control of our lives. Before finding the ways, firstly, we will cover the root cause of fear. 

What Causes Fear in Mind and Heart?

Most of our fears are associated with sudden events, trauma and negative beliefs. Altogether, these factors create psychological triggers for the mind and heart. Slowly, the human body starts developing physical symptoms, such as phobia, shivering, and panic. Finding the root cause of fear in your mind and heart can help you find the ways of it. 

As per Northwestern medicine, fear occurs in the mind and leads to triggering the nervous system through the organ amygdala to send a motion response to the body. 

Fear is subject to personal experiences. However, some of the common triggers are:

As per Statistica report, a United States survey in 2023 reveals that 87% of youngster suffers from mental health problem regularly. Also, 58% of respondents share the problem of anxiety relating to their mental health. 

Proven Ways To Overcome Fear In Mind And Heart  

Fears are controllable; it is advisable to keep reasonable control of fear in the initial stages to avoid severe symptoms. In the later stages, people might experience increased heart palpitations, pulse rate, high blood pressure, tension, breath shortness, and sweaty palms. 

The first step towards how to remove fear from mind and heart is to address the situation. Facing your fear will make the path easy; every fear can reduced and finally released by following specific measures.

A rise in anxiety has a crucial factor as fear; working on the root cause of fear can help in reducing mental suffering. Here are practical ways for how to remove fear from mind and heart:

Every human has different life experiences and personalities. We can resolve mental conflicts about fear by questioning ourselves. For instance, if anyone takes the help of mental health coaches, they will ask a few questions from the past to know about the main problem. So, self-discovery or questioning our experience can click the trigger point.  

You might have heard a famous statement that all fears are in your mind. Ironically, it is logically correct to some extent; let’s understand with a simple example. People with social anxiety will create and visualize fake scenarios in their minds. However, when they take the courage to face the fear and interact, that visual of fear vanishes. 

Finding an appropriate person who listens to your feelings of fear will be a hard fight. Still, it is the best way to overcome your fear of discussing things with your close friend or family member. If you are experiencing any fear, ask the help of those close to you or discuss it with any leaders or experts. It will unlock new viewpoints and ease your overcoming journey.

As our body requires rest and healing after a full day of exhaustion, our mind & heart expect the same. Healing evokes the energy under our body, allows your emotions to flow and brings clarity. Experts share various tips or ways to overcome fear through healing, including breath exercises, meditation, sitting with nature, and listening to positive affirmations. 

The above ways to overcome fear will create a pathway to reduce the effect of fear, and gradually, with consistent practice, fear will evade. 

Remove Your Fear From Mind and Heart With Christina Will Spears!

Fear should not limit our achievements; anyone can start their healing journey following the best tips or ways to overcome fear. To achieve the level of peace or discovery on how to remove fear from mind and heart, you can follow a certified life coach & light worker, Christina Will Spears, to join healing process with open sessions to discover your fear and face the challenges. Our impactful rediscovery journey for everyone. Our certified & Master lightworkers will guide you in introspection and achieve your comfort zone from coming out of fear. 

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