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How do you feel about the food you eat

Our personal relationship with food, just like all of our other beliefs are developed in the first 7 years of our life. 

Our Spiritual, Emotional and Physical health are intertwined. 

When we have one aspect needing assistance it will slowly effect other aspects of our health and wellbeing until the whole body breaks down. 

Our feelings about food are a primary part of our health and wellbeing and will effect our Emotional , Spiritual and Physical aspects 

Usually intertwined with our primary beliefs it is affecting us on a cellular level every time we eat the feelings related to the experience are actually based on the feelings we have had in a similar experience when very young,  and eating that same or similar food,   

We can add new frequencies to our food as well by blessing every time we eat. Of course it does matter if the food is cooked with love, we feel this as well as a boxed version. 

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