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5 Reasons Why It's Best To Be Our Authentic Self

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk

Have you ever wondered about discovering your authentic self in this chaotic world? If not, think again! In our daily lives, we play different roles associated with our personal and professional commitments that require a unique personality to handle stress. There is no specific definition of authentic self; however, we can sum it up as finding yourself or staying true to yourself. It is an excellent pathway for self-discovery, enabling one to navigate through life challenges and find answers to personal interests, passions, dreams & ambitions, and career growth. 

If you ever take healing sessions from lightworkers like Christina Will Spears to escape your stressful life, we will begin your journey by introducing ways to find your authentic self. Most of our suffering and painful experiences are connected with ourselves, so authentic people take good control of themselves and do not let the outer world impact their mental peace. 

Positives of Finding Your Authentic Self: 5 Keys

The journey of discovering the authentic self doesn’t go smoothly; it is an ongoing process that might not always feel the same. However, the more you feel connected to your inner self, the more you grow and change your personality to seek positivity. Here are the best reasons that you should follow the journey of authentic self and transform your life:

1 – It Develops Intrinsic Motivation

Life throws challenges at everyone, and not every day remains the same. Being authentic helps develop intrinsic motivation, which creates a domino effect and impacts individual behavior, making them more creative, calm, and productive. According to the National Library of Medicine, many field studies have shown that there is a strong connection between intrinsic motivation and improved learning, creativity, performance, and emotional experience. So, finding your authentic self eases the process of personal growth. 

2 – Boost Your Inner Confidence 

The key impact of authentic self is that it makes you realize your self-worth. Once you discover your inner strength and walk on the path of self discovery, it will increase your confidence level. Being more optimistic about your life means you don’t care about what others think about you, and their treatment doesn’t change your lifestyle. Like in our 8-Week Atomic Integrative Coaching In New York, we help with self discovery and bring confidence to upgrade their public speaking skills by pushing them to find their authentic self. 

3 – Sets Healthy Boundaries Around

To become an authentic self, you must learn how to develop healthy boundaries. As you gain more self-confidence, you will learn to say no to toxic peers around you, maintain mental peace, and avoid wasting energy on the wrong people. Healthy boundaries provide us with peace and inner satisfaction; authentic people remain less stressed than others, isolating them from external disturbances. Without this limit, becoming more self-aware and independent would be hard. 

4 – Make You a Better Decision-Maker

If you are authentic to yourself, you will be able to make better decisions without any biases and with less confusion. Self-discovery clears the vague thoughts of what you want and what doesn’t. It makes you a better decision-maker and reflects your true personality for your personal relationships or professional career. Authentic self lets you introspect on both aspects of any challenges, positive and negative, then pushes you to make strategic decisions for life. So, you can hire a life coach to get trained for self discovery.

5 – Be More Happy & Satisfied  

Authenticity demands breaking the norms of society and standing out from others. Finding your authentic self brings peace and allows you to lead a happier and more satisfied life. Once you are truly yourself, there is no need to seek happiness outside; you learn the art of inner satisfaction. Authentic people are not fond of motivation, compliments, and popularity; they remain neutral and focus on personal development. This helps them remain positive for life’s hurdles and secures a satisfied life ahead. 

Best Tips to Find Peace With Your Authentic Self 

It might sound easy to be true to yourself; however, it is a consistent process of navigating through challenges and still sticking to your authentic self. Here are a few general tips that you might follow for leading a satisfied life:

Best Life Coaching in New York to Discover Authentic Self

Anyone can feel stressed, demotivated, and puzzled, and it is fine to seek professional ascension coach assistance to connect these dots. Tree of Life, led by Christina Well Spears, offers effective coaching in NYC to help you find your authentic self. We develop customized healing sessions to transform your lives: Ascension Coaching, Quantum Healing, Opening Session, Blue Ray Intuitive and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHTT). Get in touch with our experienced and certified coach to unlock your true potential!

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