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Best Life Coaching Certification Programs In New York 

Life is the greatest boon one could have ever hoped for, but it is not the same for everyone. As some people suffer more than usual. For some, this boon has turned into a curse at the same time. There are a lot of people in this world who don’t live; they just exist. They keep on living their life without a goal. Sometimes, these people need a guide or a person who can guide them spiritually to attain peace and help them achieve their life goals. That person is your life coach, it’s the life coach’s job to uplift you. 

What Does a Life Coach Do?

The job of a life coach is to listen to their client’s queries and find a solution for them. A life coach helps their clients to achieve goals in their personal as well as professional lives. Their job is to make sure that their client feels comfortable sharing their worst insecurities and discomfort. Life coaches, in general, are very sensitive towards energy and vibration and can help you a lot in finding your way through the world and helping you achieve your life goals.

List Of The Top Life Coaching Certification Programs In NY 

We have compiled a list of the best life coaching certification programs in New York.  These programs’ sole purpose is to provide you with life coaching that will help you feel good while eliminating all negative vibes. For this reason, life or spiritual coaches offer different life coaching certification programs, some of which are listed below. 

1. Ascension Coaching

Ascension Coaching is a spiritual certification program that connects the subconscious to the conscious. In this program, the coach discusses your needs and feelings and then gives valuable solutions for the betterment of your life. An ascension coach guides you to your purpose in life. When you speak about your greatest fears and insecurities with the life coach, you get rid of stress, anxiety and depression and feel positive. This change will help you achieve your goal more easily and will promote a healthy life and mindset. 

2. Blue Ray Intuitive Coaching

Blue Ray Intuitive is a coaching program where a life coach works with you to help you cope with life challenges and achieve your life goals. A Blue Ray health coach is someone who is an ultra-sensitive, empathetic soul whose sole purpose in this life is to bring light to the people.  They are here to transform the human DNA and prepare it for the new rays to come and in doing so, they transform lives as well. 

3. QHHT Session

QHHT Session is a session in which the quantum life coach tries to connect with you and make a connection with your higher self. This allows the life coach to tap into that higher self later at the time of Quantum healing. This session is usually 2-5 hours long and can also be conducted through video calls, as the purpose of this session is for the life coach to prepare your mind and consciousness for the session ahead. 

4. Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a practice in which a coach heals your body through quantum, the smallest amount of mass that can exist in the universe, for example, a Quark. In this certification program, a life coach will connect with your higher level to find out what your body needs to achieve its goal in the universe. Think of it as if your whole negative energy gets converted into positive energy, which is the greatest form of healing. This program is extremely beneficial if you doubt yourself, a

Ready To Evolve? Start Your Wellness Journey With Us

If you are having mental and physical instability then these life coaching programs are meant for you. Call us now, and we will connect you to an expert who will help you enroll on the right course.

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