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About Us

About Tree Of Life- A Place To Rediscover Yourself

Tree Of Life helps people in the healing process and helps them to rediscover their souls and move towards a peaceful life. It was founded by certified life coach and lightworker practitioner Christina Will Spears to boost the emotional healing processes. We serve the community of people with life coaching and ultimate retreats. Through our Blue Ray intuitive virtual learning, our certified life coaches offer 1:1 and group sessions.

Meet Christina Will Spears: Owner Of Tree Of Life, Blue Ray Intuitive Virtual Learning

Christina Will Spears is the founder of Tree Of life, Blue Ray Intuitive Virtual learning. She is a certified Ascension Coach, Master Lightworker , Reiki Master,Hypnosis Practitioner  and Quantum Practitioner. Christina has extensive experience in various healing techniques which she uses to help clients connect their mind, body, and spirit. Her commitment to share the universal truth about self-empowerment helps people to rediscover their life.


Meet Our Certified Life Coaches

Coaches are the pillars of any spiritual coaching, which can better guide you towards life goals. Whether it's finding peace or preparing for a career as a spiritual coach, our team of life coaches has years of experience, which makes a huge difference in society. Let's meet our coaches:

Yogesh Kapoor

Yogesh Kapoor

Yogesh Kapoor is a certified life and communication trainer with over 7 years of experience. He is also the host of our atomic integrative certification program. You will learn the various techniques at an atomic level in his sessions.

Yogesh Kapoor
Grace Edibo

Grace Edibo

Grace Edibo is the founder of the non-governmental organization Friends To Lean, a trained cognitive therapist, and a certified life coach. She has expertise in healing techniques that will help you connect your mind, body, and spirit.

Grace Edibo

Our Mission

Ultimate Retreats was founded with a clear mission to bring certified life coaches and spiritual professionals to one stage. We aim to provide a virtual platform for learning, sharing, and networking with like-minded souls. We strive hard to help you embrace your unique value through high vibrational healing retreats at unique locations of the world.

Our Vision

Tree Of Life works with a vision of creating a beautiful and soothing space to help people reconnect with their souls. Our founder, Christina, works towards sharing universal truth for empowerment and healing purposes. Through our Blue Ray intuitive virtual learning, we continue working towards sharing value and spiritual coaching with the different parts of society.

Our Values

As the trusted spiritual coaching platform in NYC and nearby areas, our values reside in commitment, credibility, and value-centricity. Whether helping clients overcome procrastination through quantum healing sessions or providing unique retreats at new locations, Tree of Life strictly adheres to its core values and works towards making a huge difference in society.

Start Your Transformation

Start Your Transformation Healing Journey With Us

Count on Tree of Life for a unique healing experience at new locations during our ultimate retreat. Our certified coaches are ready to guide you with spiritual techniques.